Doing Business Across BordersThe world is getting smaller and more connected every day. Information travels at the speed of light, irrespective of national borders. Unlike never before, technology makes it is as easy to do business with someone thousands of miles away as it is with the person next door. Conducting business in this increasingly interconnected and fast paced world may be easier in many respects, but it is certainly no less complex.

The role of lawyers in this ever changing environment is also rapidly evolving. The Internet has

given non-lawyers access to sources of authoritative information on many legal issues, and access to thousands of sample legal documents. Creating corporations, partnerships, drafting legal agreements, and so on, can be done without any input from lawyers.

This blog is intended to add another source of information to the many already available.

A word of caution, however; raw information and sample documents are no substitute for experienced judgment and guidance. Yes, it’s true that when the hopeful businessperson is launching a venture from a basement or a perch at Starbucks, spending money on lawyers is generally an unthinkable expense.

Good lawyers understand that. It’s when that small business begins to grow that legal assistance becomes critical.

The true test of a lawyer is whether she looks to add value to the companies she counsels. A $50 solution to a $50 problem makes little sense from a business perspective. Risk is part of business and a good lawyer is mindful of that. Determining at the outset how a venture expects to make money and what risks it presents to its promoters is the first task of a lawyer who wants to add value to a client’s efforts.

Across our practice fields, we focus on providing practical, cost effective advice. We work with clients from the outset to understand what it is they want to achieve and how they believe they can best achieve it. Our input should be targeted at clarifying those objectives and providing alternative ways to accomplish them.

Once people and business cross borders, they by necessity encounter two legal and tax systems that must be reconciled: their own and the foreign country where they wish to operate. People in international transportation certainly understand this, as it is part and parcel of  daily existence. However, many other businesses overlook small differences that can add up to big tax or transaction costs simply because they fail to take into account the differences between playing “home” and “away”.

Our job is to take the mystery out of moving beyond borders, and educate our clients on

the best ways to achieve their professional objectives in the international arena. We pride ourselves in making the complex understandable, simplifying the inevitable tax compliance issues that arise when people and businesses move beyond their home countries and out into the world beyond.



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