Tax Controversy – Tax Court Representation

The IRS is not always right! We have challenged IRS regulations in the US Tax Court – a decision on one case is pending – and have challenged IRS interpretations of the tax code both before Appeals and in US Tax Court. We particularly focus on cases involving bona fide residence outside the United States.

We also help clients resolve tax issues with the IRS. Unlike what the TV ads imply, there are no magic bullets available to resolve tax debts to the IRS. People who are seriously past due with their state or federal tax filings or have accumulated large tax debts have avenues to resolve their situations. The key – playing it straight with the Service and developing a plan to get current and stay current before tackling the accumulated debt. We can help you assess your circumstances and construct a workable plan to get your tax situation under control. You may very well pay less than you owe, but don’t count on the kind of results that those TV ads promise.